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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Getting Started

Getting Started

I love to paint watercolor - when I do it that is. I find that I have been thinking about painting more than I actually paint - I am too busy, too tired, not in the right mood, don't have an idea....it is hard for me to get started. So I decided to scale back my expectations for what I paint and simply paint more frequently. Without actually deciding to do this, I started to do a small painting every day - a 5" by 7". This started on Jan 3 and so far I have done a painting every day but one - and on that day I went back and did some more work on the paintings from the previous 2 days. So now I have painted daily for 2 weeks. I find that I am looking forward to painting every night and during the day I am looking for subject matter. I have often taken a picture with my iPhone during the day that I paint that night. In most cases I have been very happy with the painting that results!

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