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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I started this one last night after getting home about 9:30pm. I have included the photo that I was working from so you can see where this was going. I was happy with what I had so far and looked forward to working on it tonight. But when I got home I could not find my sketchbook. Of course I immediately thought "poltergeist" but then reminded myself that it is usually me that just mislaid whatever is missing. However, I then saw evidence that my sweet Golden Retriever, Tahoe, had been in the area where I left my sketchbook. She has shown an attraction for watercolor paints before so I immediately began to search for sketchbook fragments. I finally found it outside. Only one of the 5 paintings was not destroyed.

I keep telling people this is not about the painting but rather the act of painting. I guess I need to believe that now.

I am starting this painting over tonight.

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